When I do take price into the equation however it does seem like I would be paying 850ish more dollars just for better build or aesthetics and a brand name. It aims to provide you with a very balanced and accurate sound experience. I found the xDSD, XD-05, and Walnut V2 all were able to drive the T1 markedly better than attempting to use a phone alone. Tin Hifi P1 Review - Giant Killing Planar Magnetic Earphones The Tin Hifi P1 is a very special earphone and in my opinion, they are not just a bang for buck earphone, but one of the best IEM’s on the planet right now. The TinHifi P1 doesn’t use a dynamic driver, nor balanced drivers. The P1 are a massive surprise that I hope many many people get to enjoy them as I do: excellent sound, excellent price, outstanding earphones! The T2 was instantly a hit, and whilst the T2 Pro fell a tad short, the T3 was able to make up for its shortcomings. Headphones for Sale / Trade. They do scale well when moving to better sources and they don’t work well with poor source files. It has texture and layer and separation and it has a substantial tight impact, but it isn’t a sub bass monster. For those who don’t know, planars offer incredible speed, fast transients and very low distortion. The pair has a premium aluminum build with a high-purity fully balanced 2.5mm terminated cable in the package. Design wise they are OK. So I split into those three categories as a priority for myself. TINHIFI P1 IEM Explore Excellence with Planar Magnetic Technology New Dimensions of Sound, Technology, and Construction In the audio world, innovation is the key to create exceptional products that can elevate the music listening experience. So what then about the allrounder? The P1 has a single 10mm planar driver per side. The P1 comes in a lift-top style presentation case in understated black and silver. I found that my Burson Fun tends to hiss with very sensitive IEMs (not what it was designed for, I know) but was nearly dead silent with the P1 so its lower sensitivity might help tame that for you too. This has become the norm of late and gives the user the option of enhancing bass with the tips (wide bore) or going for a more reference sound (narrow). Get in touch! Planar Magnetic Goodness:- Tin HiFi P1 is a highly appreciated product from the brand using their finely tuned Planar Magnetic drivers. Its an almost holographic assault of sound coming from every direction and some of the most clearly defined separation from earphones at any price. A planar IEM that sounds this amazing for £130 has changed the game. Thread starter lalama; Start date Jun 10, 2020; Tags tin audio p1 tin hifi p1; Type For Sale Currency USD Price 1 Shipping Destinations United States Or … It is the latest flagship offering from the brand with a successful Planar Magnetic driver just like the P1 offering the best sound quality experience to its users. A planar diaphragm with a thin conducting part is suspended in a permanent magnetic field, on either side of a magnet. You are assaulted with the sounds of clothing moving, fret presses, bow tapping, and pedal dampening. These are earphones and earbuds that compete with products many times their price. Covering headphones, IEM, amps, dacs, cables & DAP's. The cable is just okay. And while they lack the low-end punch of some higher-end planar magnetic in-ears, I really can’t fault them, given the price. Vocals sound especially great with a slight touch of warmth combined with lots of separation and details. *disclaimer: This sample was provided for the purpose of writing a review, no incentive was given to write a favourable review. Almost in spite of itself, the P1 manages to deliver enough warmth to keep it from seeing overly dry although it does certainly lean that direction. The other thing I noticed while listening for stage is that the P1 has a larger than average stereo separation and that spread can be mistaken for stage at times. In some areas one will win out and in others it will flip. Housings are chrome plated with the jack having an extra carbon fiber inlay. The P2 features a second-generation Planar Magnetic driver unit with a precise balanced sound tuning. In theory yes but they are not meant to be by design and don’t work optimally without flipping them. I myself have separate earphones when I am in basshead mode because they generally don’t work so well with other genres. The sonic sound characteristics of the P2 are speed, detail and clarity, which are extending to the whole sound spectrum.
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