A 40-minute runtime is nice but keep in mind that the recharge on Snow Joe batteries is somewhat lengthy, up to a couple of hours. Featuring a powerful motor, this electric snow shovel has a 12-inch wide path with a depth of four-inches for effective removal. This shovel clears twelve inches wide and six inches deep and is incredibly easy to start and maneuver. Find more Greenworks Pro 12-Inch 80V Cordless Snow Shovel information and reviews here. It is an excellent model for anyone that has to deal with heavy snowfalls on a regular basis. This powerful electric snow shovel comes with a 12-amp motor and can move up to 430 pounds of snow in a single minute. of snow per minute and blows it up to 20 ft. away, helping you quickly and easily clear an area. An electric snow shovel is a machine that is designed to take the majority of the work out of clearing light snow fall from smaller spaces such as porch stairs, short walkways, patios and decks. The Snapper® XD 82V Max* Cordless Snow Shovel powered by a 2.0 Briggs & Stratton® Lithium-Ion Battery allows you to easily clear light snow falls from your sidewalks, patios or decks. Lightweight and maneuverable, the snow thrower can even be thrown into the back of your car to go handle someone else’s walk. These are not heavy-duty snow blowers, but rather, convenient snow machines that are lightweight, compact and quick to turn on and start using.. There’s little need to explain what an electric snow shovel is, the name gives you a pretty idea of what you’re getting. Discharge Chute Material. Snow can be ejected easier through a plastic chute since the snow won’t stick or jam as much as with a steel chute. The wide 18' blade also lets you shovel more with less effort so you can work longer. Snow Joe 323E 13-Inch 10-Amp Electric Snow Shovel, Greenworks Pro 80V 20-Inch Cordless Snow Thrower, Snow Joe SJ627E 22-Inch Electric Snow Thrower, Greenworks Pro 12-Inch 80V Cordless Snow Shovel, EGO Power+ 21-Inch 56V Cordless Snow Blower, Earthwise 18-Inch 40V Cordless Electric Snow Thrower, Snow Joe 18-Inch 24V X2 Cordless Snow Blower Kit, Snow Joe 13-Inch 40V Cordless Brushless Snow Shovel, Earthwise 16-Inch 40V Cordless Electric Snow Shovel, Greenworks 20-Inch 13 Amp Corded Snow Thrower, Worx WG450 18-Inch 13 Amp Electric Snow Thrower, Tacklife 20-Inch 15 Amp Electric Snow Thrower, Snow Joe 18-Inch 15 Amp Electric Snow Thrower, Earthwise SN72018 Electric Corded 13 Amp Snow Thrower, Earthwise SN70016 12 Amp Electric Corded Snow Shovel, Very effective with blowing away fresh snow, Lightweight design with back-saving handle, It's a little heavy with no large wheels to assist, Clearing wet, heavy snow might be challenging, 80 Volt power with up to 45 minutes of runtime, Quiet, maintenance-free, brushless motor technology, Batteries need to be stored at room temperature, Debris can get caught in auger and make it stick, Fresh snow clears easier than wet slush and ice, Able to dig 13 inches deep into snowdrifts, Surprisingly loud for an electric power tool, Can handle a six-inch snow depth with no issues, Can get to areas that larger snow blowers can't, Be careful of getting too aggressive with the plastic auger, At 15 pounds, the shovel is heavier than it looks, Combines electric power of two 56V batteries, Clears a 10-car driveway with eight inches of snow, Works much better when taking up just a ten-inch width, not 21 inches, Included battery isn't compatible with other Earthwise products, Batteries may drain quickly and takes a long time to recharge, Tougher to use with more than five inches of snow, Perfect for quick snow removal off decks and patios, Two-blade paddle auger throws up to 25 feet, Be careful with the high throw arc when the wind whips up, 180-degree rotating chute with on-board adjustment handle, Clears snow up to 16 inches wide and 8 inches deep, Tough to keep the unit standing up on its wheels when unattended, Plastic scraper bar not designed to rub against hardscapes, No cruise control feature for blower engagement, Be careful of that extension cord wrapping up in the auger, Anything more than four inches of snow will give you trouble, Direction and height of snow throw is easily adjusted, Can handle heavy, wet snow but make sure to spray some cooking spray on the auger and chute, Two-handed start operation makes it difficult to keep the cord out of the way, Tighten the snow throw chute lock screw or you may lose it, Not all metal components are stainless steel and may rust out, Moves up to 800 pounds of snow per minute, Electric cord brace is made of plastic and prone to breakage, Cuts through a swath of snow 18 inches wide and 10 inches deep, Scraper bar clears to the ground without damaging hardscape, Be aware that you'll need a 20A circuit for this to work, Pitch adjustment for output chute can be cumbersome and slow to use, Capable of moving 700 pounds of snow per minute, Wet, heavy snow can be a challenge for this snow thrower to clear, Adjustable auxiliary handle length and width, Auger may crack or break if contact made with a rock or branch; be careful.
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